Handmade with Love

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Every piece of jewellery sold or created by Bling with Zing is a custom piece. Seldom will two pieces be identical. The messages may be the same, but how they are presented, which beads are used, colour, spacing, finishing, etc... will always be different.

Do you love someone? Want to give them a piece of jewellery, probably a necklace, saying "I love you (Gwenevere)? Her favourite colour is blue, and she is rather petite? Well, her necklace will be designed with blue beads, and of a smaller size so her necklace falls perfectly so everyone can admire it. The message, unless one of you tells, will remain between the two of you. Your "secret" message that very few people would recognize, never mind be able to interpret.

Hate your job? Want to let your boss know where to get off? Order one of my more Zingy pieces and you could show it to him/her up close and they will never know the message you are really giving them! You can smile all the way back to your desk after your boss tells you your necklace is lovely! (and laughing all the way!)

#ethnic #artisan #tradition

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