Providing Custom Made Jewellery With Embedded Messages in Morse Code

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Jewellery making was something I never thought I would be doing at any stage of my life. Here I am, poised to retire in a couple of years and looking for something to do.

I felt my Military career should be something I should be able to capitalize on. Being a Radio Operator for many years and a Teletype Operator for the last 5 or so, I felt the one thing I could use would be all of that Morse Code practice.

So, I combined the Morse Code with jewellery making to create jewellery that had a message embedded in its bling.. Some of the verbiage is mushy, some is controversial and a bit racy. Hence the name Bling with Zing.

I hope you enjoy.

#cultural #textile #colors

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