New Products coming soon!

Will soon have some new items posted:

1- Wooden beads with text: To the moon and back, approx 23 inches, $25.00

2- Red and green beads, with text: Reach for the stars, approx 20 inches, $20.00

3- Blue and grey, text reads: Swift accurate watchful, approx 22 inches, $28.00

4- Haven't decided the colours or length, but text will read: Always and forever

5- Blue and white, text reads: TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS, 20-22 inches, $30.00

6- Haven't decided the colours, text will read: To achieve you must believe

7- Green and green, text reads: Irish to the core, bracelet, and necklace

8- Green and green, text reads: IRISH, earrings, $12.00/pair

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